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My new AR 15

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So I was cruising local gun shops today. To my surprise a small town bait And tackle shop that I went into on a whim had several AR's for sell. I couldn't belive it cause no one had any at the other shops I went to and haven't had any for a few weeks. The shop owner had said he just had shipment in and had been waiting for quite some time to get them. Well I didn't hesitate and pulled out the credit card and a few minutes later I was walking out the door with my very own AR 15. I can't wait to add accessories and make it the ultimate home defense package.
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  1. plcd22's Avatar
    congrats! great find :-). ENJOY
  2. photodan's Avatar
    how much did you pay for it and what who made it?
  3. cometface's Avatar
    Good for you. I just bought my too. I have not bought any accessories yet but I plan too soon.