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does anyone have a go-to bag and what do you carry in yours?
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  1. JoeG's Avatar
    My bag has a 10/22 Ruger wjth a 500 block/.22s. A Ruger .357 mag.7.5 barrel w/2 boxs each of .38spcial and .357. I also have 2 boxs of nine mm for
    my ccw Taurus P111. flashlights and batts bottle of fuel for the lantern and 12 pack of water. Haven't gotten the food yet.
  2. sigboy's Avatar
    my "go bag" has water flashlights fire starter canteen hunting knife water purification tablets emergency band radio glow sticks and some mre meals , I also have 1000 rounds of .22 lr with a pistol and rifle. I have a separate bag for .223 ammo for an AR and .9 mm and 45 rounds for pistols which I will carry holstered