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Jon Eddy

Favorite Handgun?

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SO far I have to say I Love my CZ75bd... It has a great balance, exposed hammer, decocker and of course is based on the classic HI Power design. I like my dads SIg 226 also, but the CZ feels better in my hand and has less of a kick.
40 S&W Beretta and Ruger LC9 w/laser
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  1. cougar98332's Avatar
    Tough decision, i love both my handguns, the ruger police service six 357 is my carry piece, and i trust it to any task, then there is the beretta 21a 22lr, its fun, and cheap to feed.
  2. ceasare's Avatar
    Browning double action. 45, glock 23
  3. rj53081's Avatar
    Beretta 92 love it
  4. Copelaj's Avatar
    my Beretta Px4 .40cal compact. great balance, easy shooter, nice power.
  5. arkie45's Avatar
    My EDC is am M&P 40c, which I enjoy and it shoots well. The one I love to shoot is a Kimber Pro Raptor II
  6. studibakre's Avatar
    I love my lcp. Light weight and so small if someone does see it in my pocket they think it's a phone. Never had a mechanical issue either.
  7. downrange1987's Avatar
    Carry a S&W M&P .40c. Great gun, comfortable in the hand and hostered. It has great stopping power, also able to get conversion Kit to 9mm for cheaper range use. Lots of aftermarket options.