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Jonathan D. Mannings

Blued Finish to cover imperfections I have had similiar problems.

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[QUOTE=Comyn;486631]I had an interesting discussion with a Bass Pro gun counter employee a few weeks back. I was looking over a Stainless Steel Taurus Millenium Pro G2 and asked if he knew whether or not Taurus planned on offering a blued slide finish. He said something I've honestly never heard before: that most gun companies give blue finishes to the guns that have imperfections in their stainless steel finish, basically a covering up. He said this is a common practice and suggested that it's the only reason we have a large quantity of blued guns on the market.

I'm hesitant to believe that a lot of the guns out there are only blued for this reason, and I know Glocks have a very particular finish that's completely different from bluing. Has anyone heard this before, and if so how widespread is it?

Disclaimer: Yes, this is my first time post. I registered a few weeks back because of the giveaway, but have enjoyed the discussion and the newsletters since. Looks like I might be hanging around for a while.

Additional disclaimer: Yes, I'm actively considering a Taurus for a carry weapon, and yes I'm aware of their terrible reputation in the past. But I have a full-size PT809 that I shoot regularly, that I thoroughly enjoy, and haven't had a single issue with. So there's that.[/QUOTE]
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