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I have been trying to get my old memberships "legacy" transferred to my son and girl friend after I upgraded to Diamond for two years now. They have sent me a notice that they had the info and required more 1 Ĺ years ago, then said they had what they need and now will not even answer any emails. I am not the only one, I have seen on a bunch of forums that others canít get the transfers done either. They generally jack you around for a while and then just ignore you altogether; this seems to be the way they do business. Itís sad because the good training is badly over shadowed by the bad business ethics. I now see more bad in print about them than good a bad place to be this day. SJ
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  1. vkent's Avatar
    Gotta have 9mm minimum. Need that stopping power
  2. jp8775's Avatar
    After over a year I finally got my old memberships transfered to my son and his friend.
    In his latest current scam " Spectacular News Part 1", He says this deal will not be extended, he will he always does don't worry. He has strung his current members along for months teasing them about some spectacular news that he would be announcing. So if you take advantage of his offer you will soon see why it was a great opportunity. So I am sure many purchased the offer. But wait, if you want to see the spectacular news part 2 now that you purchased the offer part 1, you can only see it "part 2" if you purchase the next step for over $4000. So all you suckers that purchased the current offer can’t see what he promised you would kick yourself in the head if you did not participate unless you drop another $4000 plus. Is anyone seeing the scam? What if you need to go to the next level and then the next? This is the secrets of the super wealthy, a class he will also be happy to take your money for if you chose go to this class of his. A sucker is born every minute!!!!!
  3. jp8775's Avatar
    Well they did it after they got the people to pay $4000 plus they droppped the price to $2,900 in the same month. Thats what they do, I told you they would do that, I told you. How do you think the guy who just paid $4000 plus feel? Just wait they will be $250 thats where they have gone to. Just wait.