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SW sigma 9mm issues

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[QUOTE=zx14rfun;333908]My daughter has a SW sigma 9mm. when she first got it it shot pretty well, ie, trigger pull. Here lately it doesn't pull smooth. I'm trying to figure out what the problem might be. I'm thinking about taking it to a gun smith but I live here in Hot Springs, AR. and don't know of any place to take it. Does any body out there have any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. JWCIBOLO's Avatar
    I have a S&W SW9VE - it had a striker problem - off center on the primer.
    I Contacted the Smith & Wesson Product Service Dept at 800-331-0852
    I was sent (by Email) a prepaid shipping label to their service dept.
    I had 30 days to send it - (by 2-day fed ex)
    The Complete slide was replaced - works perfectly now - Oh by the way - all this was FREE.
    That's S&W's warranty - Satisfaction - They are friendly at that 800 number.
    You might want to talk to them about that FIRST!!!
    Also_by the way - That is a cheap gun - but I like it!
  2. rehalfacre's Avatar
    Take the trigger out and there is a solve metal piece that could have some burrs on it. very lightly with very fine sand paper sand them off and all should be good. check the springs also and 1 or 2 drops of oil
  3. garric's Avatar
    YouTube smith and Wesson sigma trigger fix, I took two springs out of mine and wow what a difference
  4. taylor.eric's Avatar
    Just contact Smith & Wesson, they should resolve this for you. it sound like it would be covered under warranty.