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no way.

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I am a teacher. I truly believe that we should be legally allowed to carry at work, but we are definitely not.
It seems sometimes the teachers are the only ones not carrying at schools. From elementary to college...
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  1. Sharpie13's Avatar
    I am a teacher and I believe we should be allowed to conceal carry...or keep a weapon locked up
  2. n4sxx's Avatar
    Sharpie, if it's locked up your dead !
  3. Hopdad36's Avatar
    Agreed, you should be able to concealed carry...
  4. Sharpie13's Avatar
    n4sxx, I hear what you are saying but they would say there would have to be "protections" in place. if I had to keep it in a lock box to have it I would prefer that to nothing. if the school went in lockdown due to an unauthorized intruder, I would have some warning because if the location of my classroom. But the folks by the front doors could have a problem.
  5. DavetheEditor's Avatar
    No kidding locally here in MI yesterday a child was found with a loaded revolver in school.
  6. Wesco's Avatar
    Teachers in the middle east are all armed. Places like israel even. Course given the circumstances.