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Active Shooters - Final Solution

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Since the killings in Connecticut, we have heard all manner of proposed solutions to these problems. Most of the solutions proposed smack of stupidity and cowardice…and a few other things. In this article I will state why I think these events occur, and how to best stop them.

I begin with the assumption that man is evil and selfish – and dark. If left in the wilds, to his own devices,to live as an animal, man becomes a predator with nothing to curtail the drives to eat, rest, and force. It is only civilization, and with it, morality, or the sense of right and wrong, that elevates man from a self-serving animal, to the status of human being.

In our western civilization, right and wrong is defined in the book that has defined our culture from the first century – the Bible. If we remove the Bible, and its Author, from our society, we immediately lose the authority to define what is right and what is wrong. And in modern America’s idiotic desire to “never offend anyone”, we have sacrificed the definition of what is right and what is wrong, for some sense of approval by those who are wrong. Americans do not care if they are called, but do not call them intolerant. God is who defines good and evil, and right and wrong. But Americans don’t want to hear about that…it might offend someone.

The problem is that without the light of good that our biblical culture brings, there is nothing holding back the darkness. And when nothing holds that back, the forces of evil grow stronger, and you see them flex their muscles in Columbine, Aurora, and in Connecticut. Want to stop that from happening again? Really stop it? Invite the light of good back, and the Source of that light and see how society changes.

Now that will not happen overnight, and it will never happen in the most left-leaning regions of

So what to do in the interim?

The socialists in America from their fearless leader on down to the socialist dog catcher that voted for him want to remove guns from society. Good luck I say. They cannot even tame illiterate goat herders in Afghanistan with their “give peace a chance” nation-building policies.

The NRA wants security guards at every soft target.

Nice idea but who is going to pay for that. After all, even the noblest, self-sacrificing Lancelot needs to pay the rent. Retired cops? Really? Please let us not assume that every man or woman that has worn a badge is the sort that will attack the gunman. Not every retired police officer was a SWAT cop. The retired, 300 pound, nice-old-guy with heart problems may make the soccer moms feel good but sorry, he will not be much help when Freddie Kruger shows up with a Deputy’s stolen rifle and a handful of psychiatrist-issued feel-good pills.

No disrespect…just plain cold and ugly reality.

“So what the hell do we do?” you ask.

The answer is right there. But it is not an answer that is "on the payroll", or answers to anyone in
Washington, or requires any Senate subcommittee. Let me tell you what the answer is…answers are.

The role of “Protector” cannot be assigned. You cannot order a Pekinese to turn into a Pitbull. It is a self selected action.

The mother that protects the students from the killer has self-selected as protector.

The father that runs into the burning building to save the child self-selects as protector.

What parent would not die for their child if that was the choice? But wait…we are on to something. Death is not required. What parent would not "risk their life" for their child? I know I would in a second without a second thought. And by extension, what parent would not "kill for their child"?

Let that hang in the air for a moment.

Two points and two points only. We do not need any blithering rants from Biden nor any of his familiars. The solution is as plain as day. Who will protect the innocents? The families of the innocents themselves will protect them…as it has been since the days of Christ.

1). Abolish all “gun free” zones. Not that any bad guy with a gun actually observes those limits anyway. Case in point, from Aurora to Columbine and from Connecticutt to San Ysidro…it did not
stop the killers did it?

But it did in fact stop the self-selected protectors that might have taken their weapon with them, save their inherent desire to obey the rules. Had good guys with guns been there and killed the killers, how many lives would have been spared?

Who is guilty for those murders as much as the devil that pulled the trigger? The architects of the gun free zones.

2). Arm the fathers and mothers. At schools, search through the parents list. How many of them fit the role of self-selected protector? I will bet in those ranks you find combat veterans, working cops, retired cops, and martial artists, that if empowered by the forces they respect (the local Sheriff…or the school) would volunteer two, maybe three hours per week to stand in the gap, armed and ready, to protect their children...and the children of others with their will, skill, and courage.

There is no greater motivated fighter, than a man fighting for his home, his brothers, or his family. No badges, or grants, or approval from Washington, or the NRA is needed. What father would not have given his life to be there in Connecticut with a pistol to kill the killer before those children were sacrificed on the altar of politically correct, egalitarian, gun-free America?

The solution to these horrific events is simple and clear to any that want to find them. Most of America, however, specially its leadership, does not really want a solution, only to use these events as opportunities. They are far too busy using the dead children as a stepping stone to gain support for their agendas from the ignorant and the cowardly.

Gabe Suarez

Posted by Gabe Suarez on 01/05/2013 in COUNTER TERRORISM, CURRENT EVENTS EDITORIAL | Permalink


  1. atbdrummer's Avatar
    Great post! As for volunteering to stand gaurd at a school for a certain time during the week... where do I sign up?
  2. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    Appreciate your insight, Gabe! In the absence of self-government, and a culture that prides itself on creating a values-free zone in America, the only card left in gubmint's hand is force.