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Any more Georgia people?

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I am 62 female living in Ringgold, Ga which is just outside Chattanooga, Tn. I have a new Ruger LCR, CC license and a Crossbreed Holster. I have been having issues with the recoil but will figure it out with help from people on this forum and the Ruger Forum. I am taking care of my husband who has terminal cancer so I am trying to get myself ready for life by myself while he is still here helping me. He's just not into guns but thinks I will be ok getting along by myself. We enjoy fishing together and watching movies. I plan on continueing with the sports I like, fishing, riding bikes and walking and don't want to worry about what might happen by being alone. Wish I could find an outdoor range that wasn't a long drive from home. I have been shooting in the yard into a bank next to the woods but I really would like to shoot away from home. The only range is at Shooters Depot and it is indoor and kind of pricey.
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  1. ArmedCandy's Avatar
    Though I'm based in Atlanta I don't know much about what might be available in your area. However, I wanted to let you know that a community of gun lovers and caring folks are here for you. You seem to handling everything exceptionally well and I find that admirable, but if you need anything I hope ArmedCandy can help.