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Concealed Carry for Missouri and Illinois & Female Self-Defense

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Hello. My name is Lisa Mash, instructor for Midwest Personal Protection. I have several passions in life… Christ Jesus and His Word, my family, and equipping men/women with the tools they need to defend themselves and their children against anyone who would threaten to harm or attack them.

My goal is to provide the opportunity for people especially women to achieve a higher level of firearms proficiency while obtaining their conceal carry permit.

I have talked to lots of women who are afraid of or intimidated by firearms. Having spent a number of my younger years feeling afraid of them, I believe most fear of firearms comes from lack of knowledge and experience. I have also talked to many women who would like some training in the use of handguns, but are uncomfortable with the idea of taking classes alongside men.

Considering these concerns, I am offering a Basic Pistol Course for ‘Ladies Only’, Concealed Carry classes for 'Ladies Only' and R.A.D. (rape aggression defense). All classes are small so that I am able to give personal attention and instruction to individuals according to their needs and experience.

In the Basic Pistol course, the goal is to teach women what they need to know about handguns, marksmanship, parts and function, cleaning and care, drawing from concealment, and to give them tools for maintaining the necessary level of awareness, which can help to avoid many defensive situations.

Need information, Call me 636-582-0334
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  1. SamGirlHouston's Avatar
    [SIZE=5][FONT=Georgia]Hi Lisa. I really like your priorities and your mission. Do you know if I have a CHL in another state, whether or not I have to get a different license in Missouri? I haven't asked anyone at the gun range yet, however, I figured you would be on top of this. Keep up the good work, and God bless you![/SIZE][/FONT]
  2. PackingPastor's Avatar
    I'm trying to begin doing some of what you're doing, on the side. Do I need to get a business license? Insurance? Certification? If so, from whom?