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Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Firearms Training

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*** It’s a bargain. Consider how much time, money and frustration you will save by getting training versus figuring it out for yourself. A quality firearms instructor can help you get better more quickly and with less rounds down range. Students in my classes regularly state that time is the most valuable resource they are investing in training. And with the lack of available practice ammunition we all want to make every round count, riiiiiight???

*** As firearms owners we have a duty to understand the manual of arms for our guns. The harm we can do, not only to ourselves and others, but to the entire Second Amendment cause is tremendous. Firearms instruction can help you to understand how your gun functions and how to operate it safely and responsibly.

*** If you carry a firearm for self-defense, please do not deceive yourself into thinking that self-esteem is the same thing as skill. In moments of conflict, we do not rise to the occasion, we default to our training. Your firearms instructor can offer an objective evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses with your gun. A mammal has four reactions to stress… fight, flight, freeze or posture. If your plan is to fight effectively, it’s going to require some training. The other three responses will work themselves out but probably not in your favor.

*** Men… this one is specifically aimed at you. Although I am not a licensed marriage counselor, I know this advice can save some relationships… Guys, DON’T attempt to instruct your beloved how to shoot. You are emotionally connected to each other. This makes it very difficult to be objective for both parties. I can’t tell you the number of times that a husband/boyfriend has told me, “If I had said that to her, we’d still be fighting!” I can say it as a professional firearms instructor because I am objective and not emotionally connected to the student. They understand that my only desire is to help them to be a better shooter. Also they are not mad at me because I left the toilet seat up.


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