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Defensive Shotgun Part I

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The Defensive Shotgun

When considering options for firearm as part of your personal safety plan in the home, how many have considered using a shotgun. Now most of us in South Dakota have grown up learning how to use one while hunting for pheasants, ducks, and geese. The game getter shotgun is not all ways the best option because it is so long. Some shotguns will only need the replacement of the barrel to make it suitable for home defense just by adding a smooth bore slug barrel with open sights will be a good starting point.

Characteristics to look for:

A barrel between 18 ˝ inches and 21 inches with an improved cylinder choke.
A bead front sight found on most shotguns will work
You may also consider rifle sights found on slug barrels commonly used for deer hunting.
Be capable of holding a minimum of three rounds of ammunition.
Have a sling so you can sling the firearm.

Some of the manufacturer’s that make models all ready in configuration for home defense are: Harrington & Richardson, Mossberg, Remington, Winchester just to name a few. Prior to writing this article I did a brief search of the stores in Sioux Falls, SD and found two different models available for less than $250.00. Harrington & Richardson - Pardner Pump Protector & Mossberg’s Maverick 88 Special Purpose.


Home owners who have received proper training in the use of a defensive shotgun will have more confidence in their abilities if ever faced with an armed assailant attacking them in their home.

The defensive shotguns power and profile, the standard 20gauge or 12 gauge shotguns using premium defensive ammunition in a defensive shotgun could cause a devastating wound(s) on a potential assailant at defensive pistol ranges of 0 – 10 yards.

Defensive shotguns start at prices much lower than a typical defensive handgun.

They will provide lifelong service if maintained properly.

Shotguns are symbols of power and authority which gives it value as a deterrent. Assailant facing a home owner defending themselves with a shotgun, may loose their confidence and disengage their attack on the home owner and other family members.

Check back for added posts about defensive shotguns

Matt Schlueter
Business Owner
Schlueter Firearms Instruction
Schlueter Firearms Instruction