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Personal Protection During Civil Disturbances by Potentially Violent Mobs Part II

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Personal Protection During Civil Disturbances by Potentially Violent Mobs Part II

So you have chosen to stay and defend you property, facing down angry mobs of potentially violent persons bent on looting, setting buildings & vehicles on fire, and maybe intent on causing you great bodily injury and or death.

Pre-Planning is very important if a civil disturbance were to happen there may not be much of a warning or time to prepare. Just like a natural disaster we may not know when exactly it may strike and this is why it is important to pay attention to your local and national news, these will most likely give you indicators and warnings of a civil disturbance in your area.

Safety in Numbers

Some situations you and your family are perfectly able to deal with on your own, but if you’re planning to defend your home or business from an angry mob you will need help. For this purpose it is important to meet up with like minded people and make plans ahead of time.


In previous natural disasters in the national news done stories about citizens who made signs warning looters they would be shot. The most commonly this sign is posted on the edge of an area where the citizens have bonded together to protect themselves and their property. It is worth noting when the news reports on such actions by citizens one rarely hears of people attempting loot homes and businesses in these locations. To make a sign all you need is a 4x8 sheet of plywood and some paint to fashion a warning sign.

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Audio Deterrence

If you are wondering what I am talking about, it is a plain and simple bullhorn. While you may not be able to make your warnings clearer that you are willing to defend yourself and your property. You can make it louder, personally I would look for some thing that has good range and volume. Such as a 50 watt portable Bull Horn made by Pyle with a maximum range of 1200 yards.


Consider this you will most likely have to confront a mob in low light or no light conditions, the reason is simple these people consider breaking the law under the cover of darkness makes them anonymous. We want to remove the darkness and make them come into your perimeter of light. This can be accomplished by using portable flood lighting like the Edge L14SLED 1000-Watt Twin-Head Adjustable Work Light with Telescoping Tripod Stand, Another option is to install permanent motion activated lighting, with these lights install the brightest bulbs you can buy.

Self-defense lights that are ether hand held or weapons mounted should be a minimum of 90 lumens. If your using defensive lights of ether type, I would suggest attending a class on proper techniques to deploy and activate the lights. Defensive Lights I would suggest are: Streamlight ProTac HL 3 Flashlight, Streamlight Scorpion X LED Flashlight, Streamlight Stinger Rechargeable Flashlight.

Distraction Devices

As general citizens we cannot purchase tear gas, flash-bangs and other devices used by modern riot control squads. However your goal is to make the mobs move on to easier pickings, and one must consider less than lethal ways of changing their minds. If the above recommendations were not enough to do so all ready what options do we have?

“Warning Shots” – I can not advocate the use of warning shots as in many states they would be considered a reckless discharge of a firearm under the law. For people in these states to legally fire your defensive firearm they would need to be in fear of great bodily injury or death. For those in states where warning shots would be legally acceptable, please consult with your local laws on such practices.

Other alternatives – There are some less lethal options available to us through the Airsoft market. Some of these devices are: Reusable Flash-Bangs powered by a single 12gram CO2 cartridge, Smoke Grenades, and pre-charged Grenades that discharge: Paint, Powder, or Airsoft BB’s.

OC Pepper sprays and Aerosol Fog Grenades are available to the public, and depending on your local laws could be used for self-defense purposes as a less lethal option. One such device I came across was Pepper Enforcement® Law Enforcement Pepper Spray Aerosol Fog Grenade through

Video Surveillance

Video is a powerful tool, which if used properly will give you a record of what took place during the events. During such a civil disturbance it may become necessary to record the actions of the mob as they approach your property and continue to threaten you even after warnings and less lethal attempts have been used to persuade them to move along to greener pastures. This could be as simple as a Video Camera set up on a tri-pod, or a member of your group being the designated cameraman recording with

In part three of this series we will take a look at defensive firearms options for the legally armed citizen who is defending themselves and their property from violent mobs during a riot.

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