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The Defensive Shotgun II

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The Defensive Shotgun II

When putting your Personal Safety Plan in place and increasing the level of security in your home, the addition of firearm(s) for personal protection can be another step in the process. The defensive shotgun’s role is very different than other measures in your personal safety plan in the home.

So where does the defensive shotgun fall in the plan? Personal protection firearms in your personal safety plan are defensive in nature and tools of last resort. The defensive shotgun is a formidable tool, capable of stopping violent assailants when used at defensive pistol ranges. With this tool you can protect yourself & your family from attackers who would place you & your family in imminent fear of great bodily injury and death.

A prepared Citizen who has a personal protection firearm incorporated into their safety plan. Realize use of defensive firearms require skills they can learn through attending formal firearms classes for the types of defensive firearm(s) they have selected for this role.


Before enrolling into a defensive firearms class with your newly purchased defensive shotgun, you may need to add a few accessories to complete your defensive shotgun system.

Secure Storage:

Much like a pistol for personal protection, it is wise to have a separate lockable storage for the defensive shotgun. This will prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized persons. Each person’s home environment this storage method will be different. In some homes simply adding a locking door handle to a closet may be enough to provide a secure storage system. Other homes may require a more secure storage system, such as adding a separate metal gun locker for defensive firearms.


The sling is to the defensive shotgun what the holster is to the pistol. A sling will enable the home owner to transition their shotgun to a slung position if they needed to use their hands. Why would we want this accessory? A sling will allow the home owner to retain their defensive shotgun, while using their hands. Some of the reasons a home owner may need to have their hands free are: to transition to a secondary firearm, help family members move to safety, provide first aid to family members, other persons or you’re self for injuries as a result of violent assault in your home.

Weapons Mounted Lights:

The addition of a weapons mounted light producing a minimum of 90 lumens. This will aid the defender by, being able to illuminate and identify the attacker. This illumination will also give the defender an advantage by temporarily blinding the attacker when the light is activated.

Magazine Extensions:

While many modern shotguns destine to become personal protection firearms come all ready fitted with magazine extensions bringing their capacity beyond that of the standard shotgun used for upland game birds and water fowl. If taking a shotgun that was intended for hunting and converting it into a personal protection firearm, it is possible to add a magazine extension.

Ammunition Carriers:

SideSaddle ammunition carriers will allow you to carry an additional 4 to 6 extra shells mounted to the left hand side of your receiver.

Butt Stock Shell Holders will allow you to carry an additional 5 shells on the off side of your shotguns butt stock. This option simply slides over the butt stock of your shotgun.


Choices for personal defense ammunition for shotguns in the past have been regulated to ether lead buckshot or soft lead rifled slugs.

Today’s manufacturers have taken these traditional choices combined with new innovation to provide some of the best products available for personal protection today. Some of these manufactures offering personal protection ammunition for shotguns are: Federals, Fiocchi, Hornady, Remington, and Winchester.

Some of the options available are:

  • Ammunition for your shotgun is available in both 2 ¾ inch shells and 3 inch shells.
  • Low Recoil Ammunition in both Slugs & Buckshot.
  • Magnum powered ammunition in both Slugs & Buckshot
  • Plated buckshot combined with new flight control wads provides tighter groups.
  • Rifled slugs today are capable of greater accuracy than those in the past.
  • Segmented 1oz. rifled slug – 12 gauge 2 ¾ inch DEFENDER S12PDX1S
  • Duplex Loads containing three 00 buckshot & a 1oz. rifled slug – 12 gauge 2 ¾ inch DEFENDER S12PDX1


While patterning your defensive shotgun and practicing with your chosen personal protection ammo is advisable. It is more economical to practice with lighter recoiling trap loads. When practicing you will be refining your firearms handling skills, such as target acquisition, reloading, tactical reloading, and transition drills.

In closing remember only hits count! Check back articles on self-defense