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Pistol Classes and Beyond!

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I would like to share some free targets we have offered through our website each of them are down loadable as a PDF with simple easy to follow instructions you can take to your next range sesson to help you improve your marksmanship.

We are making these availible as part of our efforts to support the 2nd ammendment and increase the skills of those who have a CCW permit and carry on a regular basis.

all of our targets can be found at:
Free Targets

Below you will find our latest target:

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Happy Holidays to all of those out in the shooting community

Matt Schlueter
Business Owner
Schlueter Firearms Instruction
Website: Schlueter Firearms Instruction
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  1. natalieinwyo's Avatar
    Thanks for posting these, Matt! Practice is so important even for seasoned carriers, and I think it's awesome that you offer free resources like this. I'm currently working with National Carry Academy (Concealed Carry Permit Classes | National Carry Academy). Would you mind if I passed along your free targets link to our social media team to share with our followers?


    Natalie Hansen
    National Carry Academy