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Rules concerning resident of Tennessee with reciprical CCW transporting handgun in Indiana

Handgun Transport in Indiana

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I am a resident of Tennessee and have a valid CCW permit...I am planning to drive to a destination in Indiana and need to know what the rules are with regard to carrying a handgun in my vehicle.

According to Indiana State website, it states that the handgun can be transported unloaded in a locked case with the ammunition in a separate area in the vehicle.

However, I am a little confused as the site also states that the only way a handgun can be transported in a vehicle within Indiana is with a Indiana handgun permit?

Being that Indiana recognizes my Tennessee permit does that mean I can transport in the manner stated above.

My stop in Indiana would be for a few hours only during which time my handgun would remain locked in my vehicle.

Thank you


A law abiding citizen
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  1. lstraight's Avatar
    if you hold a Tennessee concealed carry permit your fine. just remember to inform any LEO that may stop you that you have such weapon in your vehicle. Your only stopping for a few hours. just keep in mind that where your stopping may prohibit firearms.
  2. Blackhawk67's Avatar
    Just traveled to tenn. and only had to lock up my gun in Ohio .