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"You're Killin' Me Smalls!"

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Its hard to talk to people who are pro-gun control. I mean... really, really hard. There isn't a fact they won't ignore, a catch phrase they don't embrace or a heinous, emotional event they won't stoop to aggrandize for the sake of their own desperate, rights infringing cause. Like Ham Porter in the movie Sandlot, I want to look a them and scream... "You're killin' me, Smalls!"

But what really raises my ruckus is their pompous, arrogant, tsk tsk tsking, holier-than-thou attitude - where they stand looking down from above to bestow upon us meandering neanderthals the gift of their wisdom and the charity of their knowledge of how the world should be and why we should follow them to the promised land - where they can look after us and take care of us... kind of like an old, stupid dog who has outlived its usefulness.

You may give them facts from the F.B.I. Crime Statistics page that show the gun murder rate in the United States has dropped 50% since 1992 while Concealed Carry has gone up in that same time frame and they will counter with Newtown, where a madman massacred children in a gun-free zone in a state (Connecticut) which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and they are so blinded by this event that they can't see that their argument only proves the point of those that fight to uphold the Second Amendment.

They use words like "weapons of war", "common sense" and "assault weapon"... as if saying the words over and over make them real, make them true. But they can never quite wrap their heads around the idea that common sense says children should never be left vulnerable to the mentally unstable with illegal weapons... that gun free zone laws serve only to keep out the lawful citizen, because lawful citizens don't bring a gun where its illegal. Only the bad guys do.

They live in mortal fear of guns, as if this inanimate object can suddenly explode in violence, all by its lonesome, like an unstable, nitro sweating stick of old, moldy dynamite. And their fear will not be assuaged. The gun-control advocates are like children who cross their arms in front of their chests with a loud "harrumph", turn their faces away from you and hold their breath. They want what they want and they don't need the argument clouded with facts, common sense or killing fields called "gun-free zones." They stamp their feet and let you know that if they don't want guns, then no one should have guns.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

I have yet to talk to someone who is in favor of gun-control that doesn't believe that all gun owners are drunken idiots who can't wait to pull the trigger on some poor unsuspecting person, laying waste to all those around them in a gleeful, testosterone laden, rampage of a childhood cowboy shootout fantasy.

Gun-control zealots believe gun owners will mistakenly pull the trigger. That we will fumble and drop our guns, causing them to go off. That we will leave our children unattended with guns laying about, loaded, cocked and ready to rock. That we drink and carry. That we twirl our guns like an old
western gunfighter. That we prowl the streets and back alleys at night with $100 dollar bills bulging from our pockets in the hopes someone will try to rob us, so that we may kill them in the name of justice.

They bring up "facts" that aren't true - using Britain as the bright shining ideal of gun confiscation - even though Britain's gun crimes went up after the confiscation and to this day, the Brits have a higher violent crime rate than we do.

Many have no clue at all as to what an "assault weapon" really is. Many believe its a fully automatic weapon. Most don't know that the guns they're trying to ban account for a ridiculously low number of deaths on a year to year basis. In 2011, 323 of 12,664 murders were attributed to rifles, and only a small percentage of those were the "assault weapons" that this country is up in arms about. 323 murders by rifle... 728 by hands, fist, feet, etc. Yeah, you read that right.

So we just keep plugging along, trying to keep our Second Amendment rights alive. And in the end, if those gun-control zealots would close their mouths long enough to hear some simple truths, they would find out that the only Amendment in the Bill of Rights that guarantees the protection of all their Rights, is the Second Amendment. If it wasn't so sad, I'd laugh.


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