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Which Firearm to Buy for CCW?

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I'm new to CCW and live in San Diego in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia where you may have heard we made a step in the right direction with regards to CCW.

I've submitted my application and am now starting to research which firearm I should buy for a practical CCW (should I ever be approved). My current firearms are not really practical. (1911, 6" GP-100, 50AE DE)

I have a couple in mind but would like to ask you knowledgeable folks who actually carry what would you recommend and just as importantly WHY

Thanks for any advise!
HI,WELL this is an endless question as many are about fire arms& your state laws! I have always liked Ruger but as many are today getting hard to find&get,Best advice I have is try them at gun shop or where ever,check feel in your hand,things avaliable on them safeties,mag capacity,ect sights&all! Some here will even let you fire them on range or used one rent for an hour ect! IAM not up on what you can do or have in your state,been to many years since I have been out there,used to be in Military out there but that has been many years ago!There are many fine fire arms out there,more coming around every day! Taurus is another of my favorites in pistols,the possibilities are almost endless;) First you need to pick what caliber you want or think you need&can handle& work well for you or who may ever use it ,then go from there,do lots of research,read up,ask people who know&can help you out in your area! Really hope some of this helps,most of it is just common sence,try out and see&learn as we all did;) Take care,Best of luck to you in your Quest;) Mike in southern Indiana ,Ps I list these also because they are very reasonably priced&you really get your monies worth many times over,I love&allways have Ruger&Taurus they give you all the special features that so many want to charge you an arm&legs for! I have a Taurus copy of Beretta 92 its Just amazing&has about everything you could want in any caliber,but its a pretty big &a little heavier than most for ccarry,but I got used to carring it in service,great 9mm or any caliber pistol for me!;)
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  1. ajrodnite's Avatar
    I have found that a Glock 26 in an ankle holster is the best all around defensive weapon. Light, compact and a lot of firepower particularly if you add a 15 round magazine.
  2. Dstytrls's Avatar
    While you may get opinions of many, I would recommend that you choose a gun that you can be comfortable shooting. If you have one in mind that you like, you could get great feedback on your probable choice. I go with H&K ASP for reliability and safety.
  3. jethmpsn's Avatar
    I like Sig Sauer in 9mm or Kimber in the same for EDC, however as stated above try before you buy.

    Borrow multiple guns and calibers from friends or find a range that will rent you some in different calibers and types...my CCW instructor if you carry a semi auto plan on it being a one shot pistol, because when you need it most something is going to happen that fouls it. Yeah he carries a S&W Revolver as primary. So does his wife.
  4. rothwells's Avatar
    I am very happy with my Glock 42. just be careful which ammo you feed it. there are reports it can be a bit temperamental -- although I haven't had any issues in the .380 FMJ I can actually find :-(
  5. Moogie's Avatar
    I have the XD-s in 9mm. Have about 500 rounds through it wit NO malfunctions. It does have the recall retrofit and no noticeable difference when it came back. It fits great in a Forest City Tactical IWB also have a Talon grip on it. My EDC gun and very pleased.
  6. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    The Glock 19 works well for me and many others. Take one for a test drive at your local range and see if the grip angle and mechanics work well for you.
  7. kankid's Avatar
    I have a taurus p145 that I carry in my belt line. Is there a easier way to carry it.
  8. Chris Norton's Avatar
    Your best ccw gun is the one you can shoot comfortably and the one that is comfortable to carry. There are infinite choices when it comes to what gun that is. Me personally, I carry a Smith and Wesson Shield in either the 40 cal or the 9mm depending on what I'm doing and have a back up Smith and Wesson Bodyguard in 380 cal. I also like the Springfield Armory XDM platform with its grip safety. I know that in the Republic of California there are a lot of restriction to what you can carry so I would go to a gun shop that has a range and spend a day trying different guns out based on what's able to be carried.