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What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

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[QUOTE=S&W645;176989].45, .45, .45, .22 Guess the the .45 for me.[/QUOTE]


  1. Mtnhigh's Avatar
    I prefer the stopping power of a .45 or 10mm.
  2. csmc1863's Avatar
    45 acp a man stopper
  3. xluber08's Avatar
    A Taurus 45/410 Judge
  4. XD40FAN's Avatar
    40 cal perfect subcompact 14 rounds lots o stopping power not too heavy not too light!
  5. Batman2's Avatar
    Te new Springfield compact .45 (5+1) is geat choice!
  6. stafford0509's Avatar
    I carry my Beretta PX4 9mm,because of weight, 1911 great, I usually also carry Rugger.380 as back up . If you are on target you really don't need a large cal. Your going to be up close if someone is going to cross that line. That why I like the .380 no barrel for them to grab ,great for up close use
  7. Engelsione's Avatar
    9mm will always be my choice
  8. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    It's not about size of the round about bullet placement a 380 is just a much a man stopper as a 45, i carry a LC9