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A Balanced Point of view

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A great blog for Nevada CCW-tmartin.jpegI not saying he deserved to be shot I'm just saying let's wait and get ALL the facts before we hang a guy. He might deserve to go to jail for life but as of now we don't know everything. And the media doesn't show a balanced point of view.
Do you think Mr zimmerman will be sacrificed and the law scrutinized to calm people of color?
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  1. Yardbird's Avatar
    This case is a study in how to manipulate the news media or how the media manipulates the community.
    Parks and Crump have superbly choreographed this case. Contacting Sharpton in the start made the issue national. Providing demonstrators and the press with posters of a very young and vulnerable Trayvon was masterful.
    P & C played the press like a violin until other information about Trayvon challenged their credibility.
    Whether you are a Trayvoner or a Zimmermaner we have reason to be afraid.
    We cannot trust the newsmedia.
  2. ToddR's Avatar
    Completely agree with Yardbird. This is a sad story and it's being made one sided by the liberal media and all the far left radicals.
  3. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    If one has the time to really delve into this spark against us and our way of life, that is crumbling not into a European form of nanny state but of a Banana Republic such as the Caesar Chavez type, we only have to go to the Brady Campaign site ( They love to use the term “Gun violence) What about drug violence, knife violence and that sort of thing, car violence, it is a tool). There one may find many threads to our sworn enemies of the Second Amendment and self-serving opportunists (Which may be redundant). This may well play into the President’s plan to save us during times of extreme unrest. This may be the issue the rabid, anti-American, “Give me, feed me” crowd, the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the like. As a famous WWII vet and famed baseball player once said, “It is dayzavue all over again”(sic). It takes me back to the 1960’s with the anti-war protesters which is another debate but I do believe it was the anarchists and factions in our Country that were in a way used by others for our down-fall. I think this is the lefts best opportunity to show the evils of the weapon in other than LEO and military hands. The photos of the ALLEGED victim and the ALLEGED “Killer” are to elicit sympathy from the public. It should have been an issue for the special prosecutor and grand jury. It is so evident that this is no longer a nation of law. The Justice Department is only acting out what Mr. B. Hussein Obama tells him. We have laws that are favorable to their agenda and those that are not.
  4. dgroce's Avatar
    unfortunately he will probably be made an example of to calm the public