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The Economic Collapse

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Politicians are great at creating issues that are small into issues that are huge, with the willing help of the main stream media. Their main solution is always throw money at it. Next election cycle same issue that the elected class was going to fix, still an issue so throw more money at it. Do we the people hold these elected representatives accountable? Course not, re-elect them, for the other side of the isle must have gotten in the way. So throw even more money at the issue. Next election cycle same issue not fixed, no problem, re-elect and throw even more money. The cycle goes on and on. So who is really to blame if we keep re-hiring all these great problem solvers?
When we do things over abd over the same way with the same results that fail-it's called insanity. We are living in a time of mass insanity
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  1. munkyhunter's Avatar
    I believe that the Affordable Healthcare Act is doing exactly what it is intended to do-destroy our economy and devide our ntion to the point of civil or racial war.