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New Member Welcome Thread 2

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Good afternoon from another newbie from Virginia. My wife and I are becoming avid shooting enthusiasts but still new to everything. Is all the talk about ammunition shortages real and is it true for all calibers? She likes her .380 and I prefer 9mm but I'm thinking of purchasing a 22LR due to the lower costs. I'd appreciate any wisdom anyone can shed.
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  1. Croony's Avatar
    Newbie here from central North Carolina glad t be here
  2. DILLIGAF's Avatar
    Good morning to you....
    I am new around here as well, and love all the info.....
    My wife and I are avid shooters as well,
    as far as ammo shortages....from what I have actually seen in my neck of the woods, the ammo is starting to come back to the shelves.....the irony of it is that the hardest ammo for me to find is actually the 22LR.....LMAO....the .223 is easier to find than that, go figure....

    "DILLIGAF isn't an attitude, its a lifestyle, that's why its tattooed across my throat.
  3. the pro's Avatar
    Hello to you new folks. I have taken several handgun courses in Nevada. They recommend a minimum caliber of 9mm for their courses. A 22LR or .223 may not have the stopping power needed for a "concealed carry" weapon. Target practice might be OK for the smaller rounds. 1 thing to remember. Target shooting and self defense are really quite different in their basic natures. Self-defense is usually a relatively close encounter, 5 to 30 feet. Your must obtain your weapon from concealment and deliver round or rounds to stop the threat within about 2 seconds. Not many shooting lanes let you present your weapon from concealment. A couple of my neighbors carry 40 Cal. and have trained and become quite competent with this heavier round.
    Sorry I couldn't respond more quickly.
    Good luck in your endeavors.