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One in chamber? Yes / No

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Quote Originally Posted by napalm53 View Post
i usually leave the chamber empty when i carry and especially when they are in the house. i am going to change that though and start carrying one in the chamber. can't draw and rack as fast as someone cna shoot.
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  1. 9mm.glock.mark's Avatar
    I always have one in the chamber. You never know, the time to rack, or a jam from being in a rush could mean the difference in going home or not.
  2. Dualspringfields's Avatar
    Locked & Cocked
  3. massaud's Avatar
    On in the chamber always.
  4. Old Shorty's Avatar
    Locked & Cocked, Always
  5. Courtney.cj.chen's Avatar
    this shouldnt be a question! its either one in the chamber vs. one in ur chamber while ur chambering.
  6. plcd22's Avatar
    always ready with the least amount of thing that could go wrong
  7. Courtney.cj.chen's Avatar
    btw... if you're weary of carrying cocked & locked. The second best way, is a DA/SA w/ decocker. that way, u can chamber the rd, then safely decock the hammer- but be prepared to handle a 7-10lb trigger pull (if you don't think you have time to cock hammer)
  8. mechanic1990's Avatar
    I carry my G27 with one in the chamber and am confident of being 100% safe. The important thing is practicing safe holstering and handling with finger off the trigger unless ready to use.
  9. kimberbob's Avatar
    One in the pipe cocked and locked!
  10. Javy's Avatar
    The only time my PPK chamber is empty is when I am cleaning the gun!!!
  11. dck22's Avatar
    one in the chamber always
  12. rj53081's Avatar
    If you wear shoes are they tied