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Glock 26

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I am getting the Glock 26. Any comments on the product? Thanks
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  1. imrambi's Avatar
    Great little firearm. You can carry 10+1 very nicely. I do recommend on getting the finger extension so you jave a place for your pinky finger as it is akward to shoot with the pinky below the mag.

    If you plan on carrying extra mags I would recommend either the Glock 19 mags (15rd) or the Glock 17 mags (17rd) as backup. They fit perfectly and not that much different to shoot.

    The only downside for some people is that it lacks a rail.

    Overall a great firearm.
  2. godfather173's Avatar
    Can't go wrong with a glock
  3. kevnrm's Avatar
    I got a 27 and i completely agree with the 1st post, and look into the mag sleeves/extensions if you use the longer mags. If i sqeeze the longer mags without the sleeve it will ftf sometimes, but it's because i am tweeking the angle of the mag. But if it says glock you can't go wrong.
  4. JohnLM's Avatar
    Its a great gun! I have a Glock 27 and love it. Can't go wrong with a Glock
  5.'s Avatar
    I carry a Glock 29, it is a great little weapon,. I also agree with the first post, If you have big hands then you will need the extension.
  6. Sfscavone182's Avatar
    Got my wife the Glock 26 and she loves it! Its a great firearm, but to be expected from a Glock. As stated above, the finger extensions are recommended. We did have file the edge of the finger extension some as it was pinching her pinky as it was chambering the next round.
  7. Sharpie13's Avatar
    I live mine! I put pinky extensions on mine too. Very accurate pistol.
  8. Trini's Avatar
    I own a it. IMHO no extension needed even with a big hand you will get used to it. Besides it's for concealed carry so it hides better without it. Since you will have to conceal it more often than you will have to pull it out to shoot someone go for the concealability. No need for the higher capacity clips either unless you plan on going Rambo on someone again IMHO if you have to use more than 9 bullets to end a life threatening situation you should have ran in the first $0.2