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NM Collector Software Simplified User Interface - request feedback

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I am the author of NM Collector Software and I am looking for feedback on a simpler user interface for those who do not want to have to confirm each data change. I have a beta version available to anybody who currently has NM Collector Software and wishes to provide feedback on my Beta Testers page. If you don't already have NM Collector Software you can get your copy here: NM Collector Software - USA Carry Edition.

The old interface is still available for those who prefer to be sure of what they are changing. To activate it simply deselect the "Automatically Apply Changes" check box in the Options Menu.

In order to get a wider variety of opinions, please post your feedback (positive and negative) back to this forum. Hopefully that will generate a public discussion that will lead to an even better result than private discussions.

Clay Pryor
nmCollector.net LLC
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