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Better Background Checks?

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Being from California and living under the constant threat of assault on my 2a rights and I have been thinking a lot about this for the past year. It will take some serious compromise from both parties who are fanatically entrenched in their own views, which has become necessary to balance each other out.

This is about public safety right? we all want that. How do you increase public safety and also not infringe on everyone rights and liberties?

I have a son who is 20yrs old and has never been very interested in guns and shooting. I do NOT think by simply turning 21 he should be able to walk away with a handgun I would fear for my own safety and for others. Not because he is a menace but because he doesn't currently possess the respect and knowledge I think should be required.

That being said he should have right and the ability to if...

The criteria on which a gun can be owned needs to make sure a person is competent, qualified, and fit to possess a firearm.

I propose we explore a tiered Licensing system concept. not for individual guns but for persons. Like a drivers license class A,B,C. Simply saying what you are qualified to own. ((Not what you own)) You could have a license and not own anything.

Take a firearms competency training course and a test. There could be one for pistols and one for long guns.

Further qualifications could eliminate the requirement for a 10 day waiting period, bullet button, or allow for higher capacity magazines.

Even further qualifications could allow for concealed carry, full auto, and silencer tax stamps...ok yeah I'm dreaming now but that's where the compromise comes in.
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  1. whodat2710's Avatar
    You have obviously let living in Kalifornia erode your common sense. I propose that you as a parent teach your son the personal responsibility to not go buy a gun unless he feels comfortable doing so and is confident he will not hurt himself or others. I also propose that you as a parent should have made your son aware of guns and gun safety long before he reaches the age of 21. Finally, I propose that you wake up to the fact that letting the government propose any of the infringements you propose can in no way make things better. There is no ambiguity in the phrase "shall not" hence there is no need for compromise. Anyone that proposes the GOVERNMENT can be trusted with "COMMON SENSE gun laws" has already gone 'round the bend.