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Concealed Carry Purse

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Yes, Obwana1, I agree with you about the many purses now available for carrying concealed. I also agree that it has its risks and that carrying concealed on your body is the absolute best option.

That said, there are times when women need the option of carrying in a purse and the range of choice and style is quite impressive. One reason I have chosen to buy from the Gun Totin' Mamas line is that they have a lifetime replacement policy if you should ever fire through your purse or if there is ever a problem with the leather on the purse. Also, these purses have reinforced straps on almost all (or maybe all, not sure) of their Styles. While this is still no guarantee that a purse snatcher couldn't use tree trimmer shears or heavy duty scissors, it still offers another level of frustration for a would-be BG.

Happy carrying!

Wow, Gun Totin' Mamas has some cool purses, thanks for the new shopping site. I love the reinforced straps too. Something the guys don't 'get' is that there are times when you need to carry in a purse because body carry may not be an option at that moment. Ha, can you just see it - a robber running towards you with tree trimmer shears or heavy duty scissors just to snatch a purse? Gotta love this
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