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The Decay of Society

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Our society, and itís associated culture, have made the expected choices at the polling booth. It was a paradigm shift of epic proportions. The decisions by those in the slight majority did not come to pass by accident. It was by design and the results (Obama re-election) as I said were expected by those who have designed this current strife. To get here though, it took an investment over many years to swing public opinion into thinking traditional American values, (hard work, accountability, religion, guns, etc) are not the values our country should stand for.

The Democrat machine knew the mental capacity of our youth, coupled with its watered down education system, were ripe for reprogramming. Education camps? Not such a stretch to believe the deliberate infiltration of liberal teachers, administrators, professors within our education system laid the foundation over the years that have come to fruition at the polls.

In addition, we have a POTUS who even today remains on the campaign trail like no other President in our history. He is the master of orchestrating social divide like no other. Obama convinced the majority you are either with me/us or you are with the 1%. An issue is, Obama has done an excellent job at eliminating opportunities that were available for the 99% to apply hard work, and acceptable risk, with hopes of entering the community of the 1%. Interesting enough, not much emphasis being made on increasing the band width of the middle class. Obamaís agenda does not allow for the middle class to thrive. He wants 2 classes for now. Those who still decide to remain in the 1% are going to be under assault for years to come, while the remainder of society will tread water right at or slightly above the poverty line. Eventually, like buying firearms, the government will do its best to influence you into not pursuing the investment of time, money and hard work to reach the 1% pool. Like the future demise, relative to the quality and availability of Physicians as a result of Obamacare, very few will want to take the risk to excel.

Iím not sure America can win this war. And make no mistake, that is exactly how it feels to many in this country who have not gone through the indoctrination process. Like I mentioned, the investment in our education system to reach this point, combined with the media assaults and the never ending coverage of the Obamaís and their escapades, have all come together at the right place and time.

I have to hand it to the Democrat machine. They made a plan, stuck with it over decades, and the investment has come to fruition.

For liberals it has to feel like Shangri-La

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  1. jerry12's Avatar
    You are right on.
  2. cksjr's Avatar
    you sound like your grandparents who said rock and roll was going to tear apart society and destroy the youth. the America of the status quo late 20th century is dead and gone. Change with the times or be left behind. enough of this woe is me crap.
  3. buckey01's Avatar
    You are exactly correct about the decay of society. Its a little more important than taste in music, dancing, or literature. It is about collapse of our society and erosion of the moral code which is the foundation of our culture. I would quote Adams: " our Constitution is for a religious and moral people. It is totally inadequate for the governance not any other."
  4. Podman's Avatar
    You are right, but it's probably too late to expect a reversal of all this decay.