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Why I Am Losing Hope

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Because I was raised to love God & Country. My grandparents were hard working tobacco farmers for all their lives. They never ventured far from their home in Tennessee. During my youth, I spent my summers there working in the hot August fields and in the top of some bat and spider infested barns. But you know what? It felt like Utopia. The family would gather on Sundays for dinner (lunch down south) then retire to the vast fields for games of baseball until the lighting bugs blinked at sunset. America was a different place then. It was a place were a man was judged by the sweat off his brow and how he provided for his family. As grandma used to say; "I don't care if you dig a ditch for a living, just dig it to the best of your ability". They were true Americans who taught me the value and pride which comes from a hard days work.

I have tried to pass the culture to my son's. And to some extent, it is still a work in progress. It's just hard for them to see the forest through the trees. Some today get more fired up about a new release of the Ipad than it does at the prospects of employment. Sad

What would my grandparents think today of the America that turned it's back on their values? I picture the Indian with a tear in his eye (viewing litter) from the commercial years ago. The difference today is he would be reduced to a mere man on his knees viewing the cesspool society has manifested and nurtured.

The election was a referendum on the American Dream as my generation knew it. The shear fact that a little over half of us (America collectively) voted for the continued weakening of our National Sovernity is hard to stomach.

I can only hope the reason immigrants flock to America is because of the image it used to reflect, not the image of today. But as the subj: reads, I am on the slippery slope called hope and am growing more bitter by the day.

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  1. tricolordad's Avatar
    You gotta make your own Utopia. I almost never leave home. We have baseball (t-ball for the kids), grillouts, lawn darts and fireworks on summer weekends. Home is where the heart is dude!
  2. ghostman74's Avatar
    Very well said, I agree
  3. Andrew49417's Avatar
    Ii thought Feinstein and Bloomberg banned assault darts.
  4. tricolordad's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Andrew49417;bt2904]Ii thought Feinstein and Bloomberg banned assault darts.[/QUOTE]
    Sssshhhhh! They probably get some of their ideas from our sarcasm.
  5. videodan's Avatar
    They are going for the final grab of freedom, but I think more and more are WAKING UP and starting to take a stand.
  6. cksjr's Avatar
    your obsolete. get with the 21st century. this isn't 1950. change with the times or be left behind.
  7. buckey01's Avatar
    Real progress is a good thing, but there must be absolutes that do not change. The bill of rights is not merely a list suggestions; they are absolutes. The process of amending the Constitution is difficult so that can not be changed by the whim of voters or disingenuous and dishonest politicians. Severe limitations are now being placed on our individual liberty. The Constitution and liberty is an anathema to the Progressives. They stand as a deterrent to progressive dreams of a socialist Utopian society, ruled by the self appointed intellectual elite. The good of the collective stands in opposition to liberty. It is liberty that made the U.S. the greatest country the world has ever seen. Without that liberty we will soon become another third world Marxist failure.
  8. TruckTurner68's Avatar
    Well said, but don't give up hope the God you knew back then is still the same God. A new begining is soon to come.