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Martial Law Preparation?

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Has anyone else paid any attention to the latest Executive Order to come out of the White House last Friday night? Sure sounds like he's making preparations to implement Martial Law. He cut down the 61 page Defense Preparations Act of 1950 (last modified in 2009) to only 12 pages. By doing so, he basically did away with the safeguards that were in the previous version.
Read and compare for yourself.
Original link:
Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House


  1. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Thanks, saved to a Word Doc and shall print in the a.m. He is really pushing it, I wondeer if he know anyone in the House or Senate that could assist him with the reading of that old document, The Constitution?
  2. krafty9440's Avatar
    Thanks, I have been telling my friends that this EO is different, from previous versions.
  3. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    I am reading the entire Code/Section. I wish I were an attorney or had para-legal training in Legalese. It is a cluster. Hope better folks are as interested as our great forum.
  4. Wyldekard's Avatar
    It will need to be compared to determine what changed and the referenced code checked. If he did it there is a reason (most likely different than what he is telling the general public) and I can't believe it will be good in the long run.
  5. Daniel Stein's Avatar
    I've been nervous since they adjusted the language of the new NDAA bill on Dec. 31st
  6. rodneyb75's Avatar
    so scary I feel we may have to take up arms against our own country in the future! SEMPER FI