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Travel from GA to VT

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I have GA CCW Licence. How do I legally carry a handgun to VT and back. Does it mean I have to keep it in a locked guncase inside my pickup in states that do not recognize GA's ccw.
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  1. m444ss's Avatar
    You're gonna need to have it cased and locked in the trunk with the ammo separate since not every state between GA and CT recognizes your GA carry permit.
    Also, I strongly recommend you steer clear of NYC even with it locked in the trunk. I recall a case a year or two ago about a guy who got arrested, tried and convicted in state court even though he was complying with the federal law that governs state-to-state transport by private citizens. I'm pretty sure he was arrested in NYC (not 100% sure, but was definitely in the northeast). So...
    Not only keep it in a case in the trunk, but put it in a closed up shopping bag or under a blanket or in the spare tire nobody happens to see it when you're rooting through the trunk at a gas station.
    Sorry, but until both house of Congress pass, and the pres signs (or gets overridden) the national reciprocity bill (passed twice in the House already), we're all between a rock and a hard place on this one.
  2. 2Aactual's Avatar
    good info