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Recommendations on Conceal Holster for XDM 3.8 9mm?

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I'm about to get my CHL but not sure whether to use an outside holster or inside the pants version. Any suggestions? I typically tuck in my polo work shirt but could change my wardrobe. I've seen some belly types, etc. Brand or type ideas you can share?


  1. n4sxx's Avatar
    Choosing is personal but depends on your useage meaning, for me daily carry 16 hours I.w.b. Using a product from no oversized britches, then when shooting I.d.p.a. matches I use o.w.b. from uncle mikes. Oh yea I carry Glock G-22 which is .40
  2. n4sxx's Avatar
    Also tell them Randy sent you please
  3. jehutch201's Avatar
    I really like my Multi-Holster brand holster. I found them on youtube. Its a one man company that makes really cool kydex stuff. Also, dont skimp on a good belt. It can turn a good holster into a great holster. It makes all the difference in the world. I bought a Better Belt Co. belt and love it. There are other goods ones out there to but a good belt/ holster combo can make conceal carry much easier and a heck of alot more comfortable.
  4. JDJHNTR's Avatar
    I recently picked up a IWB holster from "N82Tacticle" and love it. Most comfortable IWB I've ever had.
  5. gunsrgr8's Avatar
    CrossBreed IWB. The best I've come across. Great company, great guarantee and great service. I have purchased four and have used the guarantee.
  6. Scott Zemke's Avatar
    My Preference is IWB up front. it takes a little to get use to but is very comfortable after you do. I use a Ted Blocker and it is very comfortable.
  7. jallenaz's Avatar
    I've been using a Sticky Holster I.W.B. (Sticky Holsters - Redefining Concealment) for a Glock 26. Really comfortable and I can tuck enough shirt in between it and my pants to hide it and have the shirt tucked in to. I usually bend every which way at the waist to get as much shirt slack out of my pants as I can so it hangs below my belt still. That hides the bulge in your belt. If I needed to draw I would have to pull the shirt up with my left hand to get at the gun. But it could be worse. I also wear a lot of shirts untucked. Then I can carry most anything outside.
  8. jallenaz's Avatar
    Didn't mean to post twice.
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  9. rchance's Avatar
    It's all about personal preference. You can go ahead and by every different kind of holster now and get it over with. One week you'll feel good with one holster then another week with another. It also depends on your attire and where you'll be carrying.
  10. JSTEINER93's Avatar
    I recommend checking out the CelPal. Do a Google search and you'll find their website.
  11. daddyarcher's Avatar
    I carry this same weapon...simple de santis mini slide is all I use...don't have to lose weight or retool my wardrobe to accommodate an iwb like a crossbreed...although they are excellent
  12. Shawn Jarman's Avatar
    with a crossbreed holster you can still tuck your shirt in, I personally like the IWB,
  13. mattbrooks76's Avatar
    My daily carry holster is a Crossbreed.
  14. RockinAJ's Avatar
    I use a Crossbreed for my full size XDM. Awesome!
  15. Apb13's Avatar
    I use the crossbreed super tuck for my xd sub compact. I carry just behind my hip. extremely comfortable holster I love it
  16. virtigo's Avatar
    Try both. For a life saving tool it's a worthwhile investment. And you'll have an option.
  17. Terry 2's Avatar
    CrossBreed hands down.