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Pitt County Pride

  1. question on CCP from another State N.C.

    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf5347 View Post
    I did last winter while snow birding in N.C. did apply for a gun permit at the local police dept took all of 5 min: and $5.00
    You received a permit to PURCHASE a handgun, not a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Read it carefully...
  2. Dumb Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by dfitch1211 View Post
    What is the dumbest firearms advice you've ever come across?

    Share it all. Whether it's Stupid, funny, or even potentially dangerous advice.
    I continue to hear, "If you shoot anyone outside of your home, drag'em inside!" Once a person tells one lie, it's hard for the police to believe anything they say... Credibility is very important...