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Crossbreed Super Tuck what do you think ?

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I have had several concealment holsters and now use the Crossbreed Super Tuck, it is the best holster on the market for deep concealment I think very comfortable and fast without any print.
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  1. Matt J C's Avatar
    I actually just ordered one for my summer carry gun, a Ruger SP101. My winter gun is a G30SF with a Galco USA I think is what it was called. It served its purpose well but after looking at the crossbreed holsters I might get one for the glock as well.
  2. 17Load's Avatar
    Not being in a climate that requires very much cover up in the winter, the Crossbreed Supertuck is my preferred year around carry method.
  3. Vaquero01's Avatar
    I've used one for years for my 1911, just ordered another for my Glock 36, I think it is the best on the market
  4. discodan's Avatar
    I use the supertuck with the sr9 in the winter. My only complaint would be the loose retention, but that can be fixed with a heatgun :)
  5. JC123's Avatar
    its the BEST holster I've had. I have one for my H&K P30. Conceals really really well.
  6. Apb13's Avatar
    I use the supertuck for my xd subcompact. it's the only holster I've come across which allows me to comfortably conceal.iota perfect for me as a woman :)
  7. ramrunnr's Avatar
    I have a minituck for my P-3at and supertucks for my PF-9 and Glock 26. I love the ease of concealment and the comfort that give.
  8. Dill1529's Avatar
    Best holster I have ever had
  9. concealedinla's Avatar
    Just purchased mine for my Kakr CW9. I wear it every day...going to get one for my G19
  10. rocdoc27's Avatar
    I picked up a supertuck after trying 3 other cc holsters for my Glock 27. I am very impressed crossbreed. I can use it year round it is extremely comfortable.
  11. m.ritz's Avatar
    I had the mini tuck for my Kahr PM9 and absolutely loved it. I had tried many other IWB holsters, and found the Crossbreed to be the most comfortable by far, and to my surprise, it also concealed the best. When I sold my Kahr PM9 to buy my Glock 19 Gen 4, I picked up a super tuck... Crossbreed's are the only IWB holsters I ever care to use again! Love em!!
  12. climberpilot's Avatar
    I just ordered one for my XD45 after a bit of research and hearing next to zero complaints. No other holster that I have seen has the kind of reviews that the Supertuck does in terms of positive feedback.
  13. CrankyRebel1776's Avatar
    White hat holsters are like crossbreed but with a few more options. Both are excellent.