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Concealment Ammo ?

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What ammo do you carry in your weapon for personal defense. I load mine with Winchester PDX1 45 Cal. 230 gr. JHP bonded.
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  1. discodan's Avatar
    Hornady critical defense .40 cal 165 gr and 9mm 115 gr. It goes bang everytime.
  2. cgiven1's Avatar
    Speer Gold Dot for my .40.
  3. fauver52's Avatar
    Hornady zombie max 90 grain in my .380
  4. awoken2life's Avatar
    Hornady Critical Defense 40 S&W 165gr. used to carry Federal HydraShock. After going up to the mountains and shooting through random materials, settled on the Critical Defense.
  5. downrange1987's Avatar
    .40 s&w Federal Hydra Shok, or reloaded Hornady 185 g. in hollow point Federal nickel plated with high power primer. Maximum damage my friend.
  6. justxboxin's Avatar
    the best concealment ammo is the ammo u can conceal I think lol
  7. jscooper1975's Avatar
    Any ammo that kills but hollow points work
  8. sig_man's Avatar
    hornady critical defense or TAP for both my 9 and 45
  9. Shield06's Avatar
    i use zombie max ammo but i called hornade and they dont recomend using it for denfense because they dont test it for expansion or penetration they perfer the critical defense and they said it is not the save ammo
  10. harlem140's Avatar
    Hornady Zombie .40
  11. justxboxin's Avatar
    I carried some zombie ammo in my lcp worked awesome
  12.'s Avatar
    PDX1 in the 45 and short barrel gold dot in the 38 J frame
  13. Inglorious Basterd's Avatar
    Hornady Critical Defense in 9mm and a back up clip with FMJ ball - after 17 rounds if I need the second clip it academic.
  14. daddyarcher's Avatar
    reloaded 124gr Speer gold dot