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Why carry open in town?

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well for one thing,it's intimidating to the general population,and also if a bad guy wants to rob a store,and see's that your armed he can easily get the jump on you and take you out as the first threat,nearly immpossible to draw your weapon when the bad guy guy acts on fast impulse,on the other hand,if your in a neighborhood that's a bit shady,i would open carry,in certain situations,other than that i conceal my 44 cal revolver. just common sense,im not out to prove a point by open carrry. but in certain areas i do. i just use common sense,don't want to draw attention to my gun all the time.
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  1. jmf552's Avatar
    I agree. I'm glad that open carry laws exist, so that concealed carry people don't get in trouble if they inadvertently uncover their weapons. I've even heard of people hassled for "printing." I also think open carry in a car should not be a crime.

    But with freedom comes responsibility. Actually doing open carry in town is a bad idea. First, it is asking for trouble, from criminals, police and anti-gun people. The bad guys will either want to steal your gun, or at least "shoot you first" in a robbery or active shooter situation. The cops will just naturally want to hassle you no matter what the law. They don't want to have it said later that knew there was a guy with a gun in a public area, they didn't question him, and he later turned out to commit a crime. Also, open carry inflames anti-gun people and it even causes moderates to move in their direction. They take pictures of people with guns in public places and put them on the internet. Why needlessly give the anti-gunners advertising material for their "cause?"

    Second, I think OC is just not socially acceptable in most towns (there may be exceptions) and therefore rude. I also would not OC a large knife, a baseball bat, unless I was clearly going to play baseball, an axe or a chain saw, unless I was cutting down a tree. I would never walk into a store with any of those things.
  2. rmbrooks247's Avatar
    I agree, here in Alabama it is okay to open carry. But in a criminal situation the criminal would take out the person with the gun showing first. With CC you can get the drop on them. Now if your in a place where everyone is OC, then by all means. No criminal gonna try anything with a room full of armed people standing there. Can't get everyone before they get the criminal. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against anyone who OCs. It's your right and you should exercise your right. I choose to CC mostly, but that's my choice. I support everyones choice.