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  1. Looking to buy a gun

    Quote Originally Posted by Stix View Post
    I never owned a gun and I am looking for some advice on what would be a good gun.
    The bad part of not knowing at lest a general idea of what to buy makes the challenge a big one. First off, take what the gun store salesman says with a grain of salt. They typically are after a good sell. Do go to several gun stores and ask a lot of questions. A good salesman will stick with you and answer all your questions with some truth. Do "dry fire" 100's of guns. Upon finding a few that ...
  2. Holsters

    Quote Originally Posted by ragtown View Post
    I have and use 3 of them. After 20 years looking for a comfortable and good concealing holster, upon finding Alien I quit Looking. Besides, they have a great trade-in policy and a super warranty.
  3. Now Available! Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment

    What are your carry variables?-product_thumbnail-2-2-.jpg

    My new book -Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment - a collection from the New Gunner Journal - is now available at, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It would make a terrific Christmas present for the gun nerd in your life!

    Here is the Introduction to the book...

    I used to be that guy.

    You know, the guy who has no clue about guns, the concealed carry lifestyle or the Second ...
  4. Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Firearms Training

    *** Itís a bargain. Consider how much time, money and frustration you will save by getting training versus figuring it out for yourself. A quality firearms instructor can help you get better more quickly and with less rounds down range. Students in my classes regularly state that time is the most valuable resource they are investing in training. And with the lack of available practice ammunition we all want to make every round count, riiiiiight???

    *** As firearms owners we have a ...
  5. Building a gun safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by roperjustin View Post
    I am looking at building a gun safe and was hoping to get some ideas of what to include in it. go nuts yall just lookin into it at the moment but I want to have it done in the next 2 months tops. Dont have the funds for a safe that I really want but I figure I can make one for much less. Any and all ideas are helpful. Thanks yall. Find the best gun safe for the money in this link: 5 Best Gun Safe Reviews For The Money 2016 -
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