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  1. Walther PPS

    Quote Originally Posted by mogolfman View Post
    I recently purchased a PPS used and noticed what looks like a lot of wear on the angular slide inside the pistol. Is this normal or should that be replaced? Any help is appreciated.
  2. If you are elected or appointed it is your duty to know this!

    Quote Originally Posted by whap View Post
    There is no law that can restrict our rights.We need to remove the burdensome regulations they have saddled us with. We need to adopt the laws of Vermont, Arizona, Wyoming and Alaska. The Supreme Court in the state of Vermont has said that the way you carry a weapon, weather concealed or not concealed, is irrelevant. What's relevant is your intent to commit a violent or felony act. A measure of Second Amendment freedom relates to how gun owners may carry in Michigan, "allow"? "NO"!
  3. California State Senator Proves Gun Control Doesn't Work

    With the arrest of Democratic California State Senator Leland Yee, his campaign aid Keith Jackson and 26 other defendants, gun control activists are rushing to find someone to step into Yee's place as a leader on the gun control issues. At the same time they are desperately attempting damage control, looking like the 'Little Dutch Boy' trying in vain to plug the ever growing holes in the gun control dike, with not only their fingers, but their toes.

    They are fast ...
  4. If you are elected or appointed it is your duty to know this!

    The 2nd Amendment does not establish a "right". It simply states that the "right", not established anywhere in the constitution, because you are born with these rights, shall not be infringed. It's a subtle but MAJOR point as with every other "right" you are born with. The Government is a collection of our servants. One does not give servants the authority to deny your rights.
  5. Security

    I believe that we the people must keep our guns. It has been shown that another country is not so quick to invade if there is a gun behind every tree.
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