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  1. what is the best to carry ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Kahn View Post
    I have a .45 ACP 1911 and sig .380 want to use a inside the pants.. I would like a deep conceal holster for the 5" 1911 that I can sit and drive ... the 380 would be easier
    need advice... help !
  2. Leaping The Grand Canyon For The Want Of A Rattlesnake

    The difference between researching guns and committing to owning and carrying a gun, for me, was like leaping across the bottomless gaping maw of the Grand Canyon. On the one side of the sheer drop are like-minded non-gun owners and the great masses of anti-gun Second Amendment haters (here and forever known in the New Gunner Journal as Treasonous Traitors).

    And as you sit with them and contemplate gun ownership, ruminate over their lethality, ponder the vagaries and the responsibilities ...
  3. Federal Court Guts California's Concealed Carry Law - May Issue Is Now SHALL ISSUE

    States that have spent years restricting the rights of law abiding citizens by having "May Issue" permits vs "Shall Issue" permits are going to be very unhappy. California, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey & the District of Columbia... I can hear the whining from here... oh no, never mind, that wasn't whining, that was the sound of Dianne Feinstein and Gabby Giffords stroking out...

    Read the article ...
  4. Illinois State Police Dragging Their Feet on Concealed Carry Permits?

    Why must politician's methodically screw with us, your average, law abiding Joe Citizen?

    On January 8th, 2014 the Chicago Tribune reported the Illinois State Police had approved and cleared more than 13,000 concealed carry permits. In the article it states - "The Illinois State Police said Tuesday that it had completed the initial approval of more than 13,000 concealed carry applications, moving residents a step closer to being able to carry loaded firearms in public." ...
  5. Ampa! Protek me!

    When Gianna, my oldest granddaughter, was a pudgy, stumbling, giggling, smiling beautiful two-and-a-half year old, she had an epiphany about me and what I was willing to do for her. At a bar-b-Que at my house, my brother was playing with her, laughing, tickling and such, when he gave her the scary face and the playfully menacing scowl and then a low growl. My mother yelled in mock fear, "Run Gianna!"

    Gianna turned her chubby little body away from my brother ...