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  1. New firearms review website and blog

    New firearms review website and blog for the budget conscience in this economy:

    Home page is @:
    Blog is @:
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  2. *Black Panther Arrested for Illegal Gun Possession*

    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
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    I'm having a hard time figuring out which is the bigger idiot, G. Zimmerman waving a gun, or the Black Panthers flapping their jaws....
    You obviously know nothing about the White Hating Black Panters. Before spewing an opinion about zimmerman more reaserch should be done. One day you may be wearing that shoe!
    I obviously have offended wooddoctor by posting the problem I have with BOTH entities. Mr. Zimmerman and the Black Panther's are neck & neck, vying for the ...
  3. A Balanced Point of view

    Quote Originally Posted by DLeeHarley View Post
    A great blog for Nevada CCW-tmartin.jpegI not saying he deserved to be shot I'm just saying let's wait and get ALL the facts before we hang a guy. He might deserve to go to jail for life but as of now we don't know everything. And the media doesn't show a balanced point of view.
    Do you think Mr zimmerman will be sacrificed and the law scrutinized to calm people of color?
  4. Just saying hi

    Quote Originally Posted by ArmedCandy View Post
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    Hello everyone. Just thought I would finally introduce myself. My name is Nicole and... I will be carrying a Taurus Millenium Pro PT111 9mm. I am trying to figure out if I want to carry in a purse or IWB.
    I'm new here too, and a pretty new shooter. Still, the purse carry option makes me nervous. I started a blog called ArmedCandy and I am working on a line for women's shooting gear. I am developing designs for women's concealed carry that use a woman's curves to her benefit, but
  5. 9mm

    9mm is on the list of my favorite calibers. The list goes on for the pro side. The negative side has recently been rectified with new types of bullets. I just picked up reloading dies for 9mm and plan on doing some experimenting. The G19 can take the punishment of +P or even +P+ loads. I don't want to push it to hard but I know with some balancing I can come up with a recipe that balances speed, power, and accuracy. All I need to do is get my hands on some loading components, cases, bullets, and ...