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  1. Right to Resist Law!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jddubb1 View Post
    Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, has signed into law a measure that allows homeowners to use force when resisting police entry into their homes in some cases. The bill was a response to the public uproar over a state Supreme Court ruling that residents could not resist officers, even during an illegal entry. The measure specifies that residents are protected by the state's self-defense law if they reasonably believe force is necessary to protect themselves from unlawful actions by an officer.
  2. OC'ers are nutty

    Quote Originally Posted by JAY FROM UTAH View Post
    after your son is blown away while working at a subway sandwich some criminal ,come talk to me about why i will forever open carry,I am nutty
  3. Changing Dominant Eye

    Quote Originally Posted by twistedpairs View Post
    Is it possible to change your dominant eye for shooting purposes? I have a condition where I rupture a membrane in my eye and get small temporary blind spots and color blindness. I have only had this happen in my dominant eye, and wonder if there is a possibility of "changing" your dominant eye, or just retrain the body to shoot left handed for both rifle and handgun.

    The best way I found to accomplish changing your dominate eye is to shoot with the "other" ...
  4. Ccw

    I have a concealed firearm permit (resident) in Florida and I will be traveling this summer to Kentucky;
    What I would like to know is if the same laws and regulations that are in place in Florida mirrors the laws and regulations of the other states that honors my CCP
  5. Martial Law Preparation?

    Has anyone else paid any attention to the latest Executive Order to come out of the White House last Friday night? Sure sounds like he's making preparations to implement Martial Law. He cut down the 61 page Defense Preparations Act of 1950 (last modified in 2009) to only 12 pages. By doing so, he basically did away with the safeguards that were in the previous version.
    Read and compare for yourself.
    Original link:
    Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House