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  1. How I spent last Saturday, all day long....

    I spent last Saturday shooting 9 different handguns at an outdoor range in Okeechobee County, FL. I must say that this range, while almost 70 miles from my home, is a delight with good folks running it and using it. Everyone was very friendly, decent rates and they offer trap, skeet, long range, defensive, steel, and cooper only ranges. And what made the day was shooting my CZ-52 & P-64 handguns that I picked up as my last year's Christmas presents for myself!!!! <G>
  2. Deer Rifle

    What caliber rifle do you use when hunting deer? what size scope and what is your comfortable range when shooting a deer?
  3. When Survival is the key..


    Do you have what it takes to survive when you need to? With all the recent storms in our area I ask you this question. What if it happen to you? I want you to think about these questions as we start this venture of planning for those unexpected problems. Letís start by making a plan.

    First lets think what is the first thing we can't live without? NO Phones don't count.

    Water & ...
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  4. Ice breaker

    There, a blog entry! Hellllooooooo hellloooooo helloooo hellooo helloo...