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  1. Winchester Ranger ammo..

    Quote Originally Posted by Graylon View Post
    I just need to know how to get them
    Bulk Ammo caries Winchester Ranger ammo from time to time. It is more prevalent in the 40 S&W but occasionally they have it in other Calibers.
  2. In The Beginning

    The 1st Handgun I ever owned was a little .22 Phenix Arms Revolver given to me by my Uncle was back in the early 90's. It was a gift as me and the woman I was dating at the time were getting ready to move to Illinois from Florida and he thought it would be an appropiate thing to have in a land so much different then the one I hailed from. Unfortunately after a couple years and a couple new female interests, this gift was stolen from me while I was away from the residence I had it kept in. It might ...
  3. FN Five-Seven

    Quote Originally Posted by KSDgrips View Post
    You are right Mr bofh.l am heading to new discussions.
    I've been carrying my 5.7 for a longtime in a FrontLine IWB. The firearm is so light you can easily carry it all day!
  4. Felony drop/firearm permit

    Quote Originally Posted by ardvietvet View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Myrick View Post
    I need to know
    In the GREAT...state of Mass. you have go to court and have all court records expunged (removed from the record) and then you are good to go!
  5. New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Quote Originally Posted by GunLeather View Post
    Hi everyone! I'm new here from Connecticut!
    I'm hacked and will often have problems Logging in.
    I'm here now though, and I welcome anyone to stop by and say Hello!