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  1. FN Five-Seven

    Quote Originally Posted by KSDgrips View Post
    You are right Mr bofh.l am heading to new discussions.
    I've been carrying my 5.7 for a longtime in a FrontLine IWB. The firearm is so light you can easily carry it all day!
  2. Felony drop/firearm permit

    Quote Originally Posted by ardvietvet View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Myrick View Post
    I need to know
    In the GREAT...state of Mass. you have go to court and have all court records expunged (removed from the record) and then you are good to go!
  3. New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Quote Originally Posted by GunLeather View Post
    Hi everyone! I'm new here from Connecticut!
    I'm hacked and will often have problems Logging in.
    I'm here now though, and I welcome anyone to stop by and say Hello!
  4. Raymond Sprague

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Sprague View Post
    I have a new(in the box) Arsenal SLK 106-61 5.56 semi-auto rifle and am planning on selling it. I was wondering just what would be the fair asking price.
    A follow up to my post. I would be interested on some bids on this rifle. I have an idea on the retail price of it and would seriously consider selling it. I won this gun in a contest and already have a 5.56 rifle.
  5. America In Distress - Have We Reached The Tipping Point? Part 2

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy, written in 1966, is a guide to over-burdening the welfare system to the point of collapse - both at the State and Federal levels - forcing the Government to step in and save the day, supported by both sides of the Congressional aisle, guaranteeing jobs and minimum salary for everyone, thereby creating a Socialist economy / Government and wiping out poverty in one fell swoop.

    How is this done?

    The concept hinges on the idea that not all those ...