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Ric S.

KelTek PF9

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Looking for thoughts on this weapon for concealed carry. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?
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  1. lc9'er's Avatar
    I had a .32 keltec that went home to the factory 2 times, before I gave up on the gun, just not reliable. Their customer service is GREAT, but what good is CS when the weapon will not fire in a self defense situation. I kept it clean and fired 100 rounds per week at the range.
  2. onetuza's Avatar
    I've had one for four years now. The customer service and warranty are outstanding, the weapon, not so much. it's ammo picky, though not with good defense ammo like Hornady Critical Defense. it's also susceptible to limp writing. I've had to replace broken parts several times and the blues slide finish was so crappy I had it refinished with CCR Cera-hide. it's a love hate relationship for me. I've grown to like the little 9 and it's real easy to conceal under a t-shirt in hot weather. to be honest if I had the funds I would sell it and get a Walther PPS (even though I hate the Walther mag release system. as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. I hope this helps. .
  3. creatism's Avatar
    I love mine, shooting it gave a new respect for the 9mm round! great gun shoots everytime I pull the trigger, easy easy EASY to conceal! all in all best bug I've got.
  4. rvcden's Avatar
    Good CCW got a kick to it
  5. ruger4life's Avatar
    Have you considered the Ruger lc9? Ruger has a better track record for quality and reliability and the lc9 is similarly priced and sized to the kel tec. Oh and take a look at the diamondback db9. I haven't fired one, but they are getting good reviews and are now the smallest 9mm on the market.
  6. crowsnake's Avatar
    Had one. Trigger pull was so hard it actually threw off my shots & aggravated my elbow tendons. My 45 is easier on my elbow, hated it. Sold it. Love my Ruger LCP. want an LC9.

    Ruger is reliable & accurate in any I have owned & shot. The price is close enough that I would go with the Ruger LC9. U get what u pay for. Your life in your hand. Bla bla bla
  7. bamfsig45's Avatar
    IMO. You get what you pay for. So get something else. I owned one but honesty couldn't depend on it to work when I needed it to. Sold it and never looked back.
  8. sharps00's Avatar
    I have had mine for for over a year and have shot 600 rounds through it. It has had 3 fte with the cheap Russian ammo, but since using better ammo I haven't had any issues. I Use 124 grain black hills ammo while carrying and it cycles very well. I do have a strong grip which helps, since it is snappy.
  9. snatale42's Avatar
    There awesome, there not as popular as they are because there not good guns. I have I carry mine in hot weather when I dress light becayse my G26 becomes too thick sometimes
  10. bigjohntd's Avatar
    Got mine the first six months they where out. Had one mechanical issue about a year after. Great service, I believe they fixed this on second generations. I carry mine all the time. Only feeding problems I have is if you limp wrist it and get failure to feeds. Mine will feed fmj, hp and even Russian steel jackets.
  11. clint starling's Avatar
    I had one bout 6 months ago.loved it till i shot it. Wouldnt feed next round thus making it useless got rid of it. Now I own a lc9. Eats any ammo, feeds any ammo looks great. Wouldnt trade it for anything
  12. OldLlama32's Avatar
    Picking mine up on Thursday.
  13. onetuza's Avatar
    update: sold my PF-9 and bought an S&W M&P Shield 9mm. Fantastic firearm! Case closed!
  14. Podman's Avatar
    I like my pf9. great for summer pocket carry. no problems shooting it. has taken all the ammo I have fed it.