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When should your children learn to shoot?

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What do you think is a good age? Does your state have age restrictions
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  1. sigboy's Avatar
    my daughter is 5 I already have her shooting a bb gun probably get her a 22 in a few years I think the sooner you get them familiar with guns and safety the better
  2. TlWheatley's Avatar
    My daughter has been shooting .22 pistol and rifle since she was 6.
  3. denverr1's Avatar
    my 6 and 7 year old is shooting 22 revolver and my keltec sub 2000 9mm!! and my 12 year old shoot 9mm .38sp , 223 12g and loves it!!
  4. Monkey9's Avatar
    My Dad with Moms support, taught me at age 6. I was given a healthy respect for guns and what they could do and when to use one. We never ever even considered picking up a gun unless we were target shooting with supervision. I knew that I was to use it in an emergency if I had to. I was even shown how to shoot a 12 GA. Didn't actually shoot it at six but I could load, prop it, and knew that I would knock me down if I used it. But that was OK Dad said because I couldn't miss with a shotgun spread. I would only have to do it once, lol. I don't ever remember being scared of guns because my parents treated it as something you just needed to know. We lived outside city limits when I was growing up and my parents made sure that if we were by ourselves we could protect ourselves. I remember my Mom could handle guns too, though she let Dad teach me. Thank God for my Dad making sure his little girl was empowered to protect herself and thank God that I have never had to use this skill. BTW my Dad fought in WW2. Oh, when I turned teenager, Dad gave me a can of mace with instructions too. Yes, I carried it everyday. My husband and I and our son and daughterinlaw all have CC licenses. Bless the good old USOf A
  5. legamin's Avatar
    I remember my police officer dad taking myself and three siblings out to the woods to shoot (not at us). He carefully taught us the basics and then placed a .38 weatherby revolver in our small hands. This was his service revolver (from back in the day when some police & sheriff forces made each officer buy their own gun), the only one he could afford from the local pawn shop. As the youngest, I was the last to shoot, and stood proud with the massive cannon resting in my hands. I was thrilled, my father encouraging and confident and mom wondering what the neighbors would say if they found out!
    I carefully aimed where my dad pointed and pulled mightily on the double action trigger and the smoke, twist in my small 5 year old hands, fire thru the cylinder gap and barrel were so thrilling but what made it the best was my dad giving me five more targets with increasing difficulty and each time encouraging and praising me when I followed safety procedure. That day, 45 yrs ago still brings me a smile. Dad and I still shoot together down at the local range every week and he still manages a tighter group than me in most every caliber. But when it comes to rifles..that's where my military time helps me shine. Neither ther the bulls eye, my dad or ultimately the deer have a chance within 500 yards...thanks dad. From cleaning our guns down in the basement after a good day shooting to reloading together to betting that days senior coffee afterwords on the best overall score...you gave me confidence, a skill, a defense, a respect for the rule of law and a way to gather food for my family. I hope that I can teach my children and grandchildren that same sport.
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  6. rj53081's Avatar
    I also learned to shoot at a very young age. I was born and raised in the woods so we shot any time. I now live in the city and joined a gun range but am wondering if there is any laws as to how old my girls have to be to shoot under my supervision. The range i joined have no age rules but no one has answers to my age ? i live in wisconsin.
  7. jscooper1975's Avatar
    My kids have been shooting my p22 and my 10/22 sense they were 4 you have to be responsible and show them and tell them about guns and gun safety
  8. DLeeHarley's Avatar
    Definitely after the 3rd trimester!
  9. stimpee's Avatar
    We just got back into shooting after a nearly 15 year hiatus. We have taken our 15yo daughter, 13yo son, and 7 yo son shooting multiple times now. The 13yo daughter hasn't gone yet but she is ready to go.

    All started with the bb gun first at home.

    Then moved to the 22 rifle and 22 pistol. Now they will shoot anything. My 7 year old has shot our 6" gp 100 (with 38s) and even my pps 9mm a few times.

    We are obviously very firm in safe handling and even my 7 year old could handle the weapon at the firing line by himself. We are always supervising closely of course, but the skills are already ingrained.

    We have received many positive comments from other shooters and the range masters.

    I think it really depends on the kids and the manner of instuction but I don't think 5 or 6 is too young under the right circumstances.
  10. slingshot sammy's Avatar
    shot my first gun at 11 years. it was a .22lr rifle. now at 45 I own a .22lr 1911 and a 12 gauge.
  11. thundermaker's Avatar
    I started shooting when I was 4. I started my son around same age.
  12. dtjxd40's Avatar
    I developed an interest for firearm safety at an early age after finding my dads .38 and .357 revolvers in his closet and unlike other children did not pick them up or play with them. I never actually was taught to shoot or own a firearm until I turned 20. Now I own a 12 guage mossberg and a springfield xd .40, I will do the same start them out at about six by learning firearm safety and care with a .22 pellet gun then when they turn ten let them fire some bigger firearms until they are comfortable.
  13. davidzemaitis's Avatar
    I think its up to the parents to decide when the child is responsible enough to learn basic safety instruction
  14. lambo2483's Avatar
    My son has had a daisy Bb gun since he was old enough to hold 1 he's 9 now and has a 22 cricket and shoots cans all the time he also shoots my Walther p22 and is very gun safe. He respects what a firearm is and what they can do I think that an educated child is better off than 1 who is not taught at all
  15. gtalkalot24's Avatar
    My dad took me out to shoot when I was about 10. I have taken each of my four kids out before their 10th birthday. Went over safety and all the rules I could think of.
  16. amarshall0579's Avatar
    The earlier the better. My son and daughter both know about gun safety and my son has been shooting BBC guns since age 6 he shoot my Henry lever action 22 at 7 of 8. He goes to the range with me overtime I go.
  17. stxchl's Avatar
    I have been taking my twin sons to the gun range since they were 5. The key is to always emphasize safety.
  18. paguy's Avatar
    I started both of mine at eight.
  19. Terry 2's Avatar
    Very first time 5 or 6. by themselves with their own support 10. I have properly taught ( learning from my NRA and Certain point from my CCW classes) my 3 nieces and nephews. starting off with my model 60 Marlin then my grandfathers S&W 22 handgun. but here is what makes me giggle. the girls will shoot my 9mm and the boys won't. they are all very comfortable with loading handling and cleaning weapons.
  20. hogsrus146's Avatar
    my kids were about 6 or 7