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The colarado shooting is a tragedy. But now they blame movies and guns. Seriously blame the shooter.
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  1. gejoslin's Avatar
    The weapons were not the problem. It was the shooter! Deranged people will always find a way to hurt or kill others. Crazed people are the problem. I just wonder if there had been one or more legally armed person (s) there if the toll would've been as high? Imo
  2. joelstein64's Avatar
    .....and as usual, the media makes things concerning guns to be bigger than they are. For instance the weapons and number of rounds he had bought. For most gun owners this is normal and should not be a red flag to anyone.
  3. taylor.eric's Avatar
    First thing has humans our first reaction is to try an point the blame on something or maybe someone. We always on the surface or a quick and answer.

    Secondly, the first recorded murder in our was commuted with a rock. We do not see rock laws. People kill people and if they want to kill someone they find away to do so. Gun laws prevent people from protecting themselves, it does not stop crime. Look at Chicago, people are still getting shot or murdered everyday. They have one of our nations strictest guns laws and yet people still do what they want.