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New Member Welcome Thread 2

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Just found this site and am looking forward to learning all I can. My husband and I both have our CCLs and are looking for info on good conceal carry weapons. As a woman I have a hard time finding one that I can conceal that is a large enough caliber. I currently carry a Taurus PT22 semi.
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  1. rpeckham's Avatar
    I suggest you arm yourself with a Walther PPK in .380 ACP (9 mm short).These are a bit hard to come by and may even be illegal in your state of residence. In that case I recommend a Walther PPK/S which is just a bare shade larger and holds one more round of ammo. These Walther pistols are so-called "double action" semi-autos and offer a higher degree of safety than most other semi-autos of that caliber.

    Good luck and good shooting,

  2. cnielsen's Avatar
    I like the Ruger LCR Double Action Revolver in either 38 or 357 revolver. Has concealed hammer & fits well in hand.
  3. gstarling3's Avatar
    I conceal carry a rugger LC9 and really like the way the gun handles. Its a nine millimeter for those not so gun savvy people. .
  4. gunofason's Avatar
    keltec pf9 is what we have had success with. very light and has been dependable.
  5. justxboxin's Avatar
    ruger lcp is what I carry it's tiny