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Light Trigger

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My wife and I have recently purchased a home defense pistol, but I think she needs a carry weapon. She has a problem with heavy trigger pulls. Anyone know of a good carry weapon with a light trigger?
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  1. kevnrm's Avatar
    Any compact glock, xd, xdm, or m&p they are all between 5-7 lbs
  2. Zcrabtree's Avatar
    I carry a officer model 1911. You may look into something like that as well.
  3. McNamara's Avatar
    I bought my wife the Taurus .380 TCP738 model. She has small hands and a tough time racking some of the semi-autos.
  4. Wesco's Avatar
    Kimber makes a nice new solo carry 9mm
  5. sigboy's Avatar
    Kahr cw9 has a smooth pull and reasonable price
  6. CRAZYISH's Avatar
    ruger sr40c has a nice trigger pull