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Illinois concealed carry pass soon?

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I heard Illinois concealed carry law will be passing soon! an i live in Missouri an go over there from time to time so I'm curious if anyone heard about it? (an i heard this from a ccw teacher one of the best in my mind)
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  1. drifter59's Avatar
    Not as long as Chicago dictates our laws into ears of their paid flunkies in state crapital
  2. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    It would be a welcome development, as I also occasionally travel through the People's Republic of Illinois. While I hope you're right, I'll believe it when I see it!
  3. legamin's Avatar
    O-blame-a ville? Not bloody likely in the next four years!
  4. dogshawred's Avatar
    With the population centered in Chicago and Chicagoland Suburbs, it is unlikely that any carry law will be passed anytime soon. We can all wish for a miracle though.
  5. StuntCarry's Avatar
    Does anyone think crime would be reduced if it were passed? I think it might. Not knowing who is carrying and who is not should detour criminals.
  6. dogshawred's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StuntCarry
    Does anyone think crime would be reduced if it were passed? I think it might. Not knowing who is carrying and who is not should detour criminals.
    It is a statistical fact that crime numbers decrease with the advent of concealed carry by the general public. You can look at the FBI crime results for states in the years following their leagalizing cancealed carry or going to shall issue regulation of permits.
    So YES it will make a difference but the political party in power in IL doesn't care about that they care how they will look to the party.
    Which means the citizenry who elected the politicans loose out and will continue to loose out until they stand up for their rights under The Constitution and elect pro-gun advocates. In order to garner a majority it will take a lot of planning and hard work. I wish you all well in this road to freedom. My brother lives in IL and suffers from these same issures. So I am aware fully your frustrations.
  7. Sir Diealotz's Avatar
    good luck with that LOL
  8. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    There talking passing /ineffective as early as middle 2013
  9. dennisedc's Avatar
    Hey RUGERFAN314

    I saw some of your other post! Just wanted to say hi, and tell you that you have it right about getting a home state CCW. MO School zones + out of state CCW license= felony

    I don't know why all instructors don't tell students that...

    As far as Illinois CCW, I spoke with a state rep from southern Illinois yesterday. The IL CCW will probably pass but Madigan will likely dictate requirements. So it may be shall issue, if someone has already tried to kill you twice, raped your dog and cat or if you are a celebrity and or government official.

    Take care!