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Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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I'm an RV Tech, I own many more tools than most RV techs do. The other techs think I'm a fool to have all of these other tools that I barely ever use. But, when they need it, they come to me and borrow it. That is when I explain to them " I own more guns now than most people will own in their life, like tools, they all have their applications" But I carry hoping that I'll never need to use the guns in any confrontation. But, If I do need to, I'll have the correct tool for the specific application. Then I quote them "At that time that all hell breaks loose, I ain't offering any tools (guns) to you, But, I will offer
condolences to your significant other.
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  1. Geezer44's Avatar
    I've carried for ten years now, and the only use I've had for it is putting down animals that get hit by cars on the roads to and from work. That doesn't mean something bad won't happen out in that dark parking lot, but here's to hoping. If I have to shoot someone, the lawyers are going to make life really suck for as long as they can if there's even a tiny bit of hope they can rake money from me in a 4th Amendment Civil Suit. I highly recommend to newbies that you don't go strutting into a shitty neighborhood just because you're packing...You have a "liability" responsibility to do everything to avoid a shoot if possible and know your Castle Laws and Use of Force definitions inside and out.
  2. kambroz's Avatar
    When someone asks me why I carry, preceded by you must be evil, I simply reply that I am not evil, but have lived long enough to see evil in this world. Besides, I am too old to take a butt whipping.
  3. dbasrawi's Avatar
    I carry for about 6 years and every time someone ask me why I carry or just why do I own a gun, I respond by telling them in the first place is my right and that I live in a high crime area and that I carry to protect my family and myself, also now that the knockout game is growing in popularity I believe it is a great deterrent or an efficient form of defense when you have multiple attackers.
  4. dbasrawi's Avatar
    During WWII the Japanese were told by their emperor that it would be futile to invade America since there is at least one gun in every home and that the Japanese defeat would be unavoidable.